Quick remedies for swollen eyes


Whether you had a sleepless night, if it is allergy season, you have fluid retention or you just cried, the image of your swollen eyes makes you even more upset. Swollen eyes, eye bags, puffy eyes – you can call them what you want, but this situation is certainly unpleasant and you have to fix it somehow before you leave from home. This is why you need to know these quick remedies to fix puffy eyes and look amazing within minutes.

With these quick fixes you can say good bye to swollen eyes

Water – how crazy it may sound, water will help you get rid of eye bags. By drinking enough water, your body will be well hydrated and you will have a lot fewer chances to make fluid retention, which is one of the primary causes of swollen eyes. Furthermore, water helps you eliminate toxins out of the body. But you can also use cold water to reduce the swelling. A splash with cold water will constrict the blood vessels, blood flow will be improved and the swelling will be diminished in no time.

Cucumbers – this well-known remedy comes from the vegetable bin. Cooled, they are not just delicious and soothing to the touch because they can also help you reduce eye bags due to their astringent properties. All you have to do is lean your head back or just lie down, put a cucumber slice on each closed eye and relax for about 10 minutes and wait for the miracle to happen.

Potato – is good and not only as chips. Because it is a great anti-inflammatory agent, it reduces the appearance of eye bags and eases irritated eyes. Take one potato, peel it, wash it and dry it. Grate it as fine as you can and put the pulp on a clean cloth, fold it and leave this poultice on your closed eyes for about 10 minutes. This is the perfect recipe to eliminate swelling in just a blink of an eye.

Egg white – if you like meringues, you definitely have to try this remedy. Take an egg, separate the yolk from the white and put the white portion in a bowl. Beat it until it becomes stiff and then use a brush – or your fingers – to apply the stiff egg white on your closed eyes. Relax, listen your favourite music or do whatever you want for 10 minute, but make sure the egg white remains on your eyes. Then rinse with lukewarm water and enjoy the fact that you no longer have swollen eyes.

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Chilled tea bags – are great especially after drinking your favourite tea and not knowing what to do with the tea bags you just used. You can use these bags to treat other bags. Apply chilled tea bags on your eyes, let them there until they get warm, chill them with cold water, squeeze and apply the tea bags again. If you repeat this process several times, redness, swelling and irritation will be gone and your eye bags will be significantly decreased. Almost any tea will do a wonderful job. But green tea, chamomile and black tea will offer you results that will amaze you.

But many times swollen eyes appear when you least expect them and especially when you do not have enough time to fix them with these remedies. In this case you need to use Revitol, this revolutionary eye cream that will eliminate the most unpleasant problems that women have to face at some point or another: puffy eyes, fine wrinkles and dark circles under eyes. If you apply Revitol on a daily basis, you will diminish the appearance of swollen eyes and even prevent eye bags.